1MMD2014 [351 of 365] A word to the wise as you follow your dreams

…beware those who live to devise their schemes!

At this point in time as I construct this rhyme,

Have taken it as a sign as I make this dream mine.

As I pitched and talked and laid it before them,

Years better spent dying of boredom.

Still they laugh and sneer and ignore,

900 days passed and nothing they adore.

Blake Snyder stole fire and brings it to me,

Filling my head and heart with glee.

Chris Vogler before as my world expands,

Breaks it down into parts that fit in my hands.

Joseph Campbell it was that illuminated the way,

To survive I had to learn to die every day.

Great Masters in their own right that came before,

Their voices imploring that I do more.

For until I’ve synthesized my story to share,

I’d best tread softly with greater care.

The Future’s Quill has finally reached my hand,

I trust I am able to create a Blueprint for you to understand…

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