17 days left…

and this is a rather odd time for me to be updating, but with Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker soothing the surrounding air and pack of jelly babies being devoured next to me, let’s not miss the opportunity shall we. So met with a rather interesting fellow earlier, and we can safely assume, after our Trial run this coming Saturday, that hD[creative] will now be offering VIDEO CONTENT in addition to Our existing 4 Service Offerings. Oh, who am I kidding, you know me better than this by now already! Trialrun-Smialrun! I like this guy and his Values are inline with mine own, so… hD[creative] now OFFERS Video Content as well! Done. 
Phew. Hehe… What else? Had a rather interesting Follow on Twitter (@davbai24) when I woke up this morning, actress from my FAVOURITE TV Series at the moment. Hint: Season 2 just started on The CW and he likes bows and arrows! Ok ok, he’s a DC Comics character! Nuff said…
Yeah, but David, Celebrities add me all the time… I hear you, but I don’t HAVE as many Followers as you do, do I.
p.s. Am sure the profile pic on my Blog caught your attention, possibly more female readers here too now, so allow me to welcome you as well. Say HI guys! The baby in question is my nephew Liam who is about 2 weeks old now? I just thought it funny to do that with the apple while he was sleeping. Hehe…


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