1MMD2014 [328 of 365] I see it all finally coming together

…regardless of seasons or unpredictable weather!

It’s been a long (long) road, but my engagements today give me hope for a future worth seeing.

My 1st was a meeting with Government, their Enterprise Division, where I learned that they are indeed in need of assistance and programmes to stimulate and drive change. However it won’t be an easy sell, but the aid exists for it to occur on a community level. I await the leads that were generated in this most fruitful meeting (presentation).

My 2nd was with 2 rising stars in the Film Production industry, where I learned that they have a rather unique and interesting set of problems. There is a need to generate more (quality) content, for the market is ready and hungry for it. Also, with my talent as a Writer, this will prove a most interestingly delicious challenge for the weeks to come. I was invited behind the scenes and look forward to the new ground we’ll be breaking together.

My 3rd was a sitdown with the Private Tech Sector and this one proved to be the one with the most promise. It’s taken me the better part of a year to get back here where I started and had I those resources back then… but dwelling on the past hardly benefits me or anyone else for that matter.

The paths doth converge and a little focus will go a long way indeed…

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Ask yourself


1MMD2014 [327 of 365] Sometimes life isn’t what we think it is

…we can’t just go around doing as we please!

Our closest ones they hurt us deep,

Miles of promises they couldn’t keep.

The distance grows between one and two,

First by me and then by you.

Still we try to hold on tight,

Praying that we’ll win the fight.

Making plans to rule the day,

Thinking that we’ll have our way.

Bitter sweet we carry on,

Wondering why it lasts so long.

In the end it won’t matter much,

Easy on the eyes cold to the touch…

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Patience is the calm


1MMD2014 [326 of 365] They all need saving

…but a sense of corruption is prevailing!

Why do mortals still celebrate acts of heroism?

There is so much injustice in this world, that one would think there’d be more than just “celebrating”. Hey, a party, 9 times out of 10, is generally a good idea. Right?

But, when we party and ignore the real concerns are we not just running away?

Should we not devote more time to making the world a better place? And here’s the thing, you don’t need a cape to do that.

Started the YouTube Channel today; officially dubbed “baD viDeo television” and the 1st one up is #IAmSoldier (view here: http://youtu.be/A3u_yzFiOYQ (27 secs)

Let’s call it a work in progress. I have some catching up to do and a few things to sort through, so it has begun…

p.s. Oh, and apparently my Twitter reach is sitting on 402K! Go figure.

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Working hard


1MMD2014 [325 of 365] Now more than ever there is an outcry for change

…now more than ever it is within our range!

Had an interesting conversation with Andrew a few hours ago. He has been requesting an audience with me for some time now and I was finally able to meet with him. We discussed our individual plans to improve the lives of those living in our community. The injustice we face each day and how we are almost cast aside by our Government (individuals elected by The People mind you).

We have varying methods, but our end goal is the same. It does not help to point the finger at those who “govern”, but a real show of Faith will need to be shown to create Enablers.

If you are not willing or able to solve the problems we face as a nation, entrust us with finding a solution.

How frail and meaningless our struggle appears in the face of the Universe. Where did that come from? I’m actually watching one of these National Geographic documentaries, centering around extreme storms.

So, with our lives in the balance; do we really have the time to squabble amongst ourselves?

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By being more mindful


1MMD2014 [324 of 365] I find myself longing for days long gone

…wondering when it all went wrong!

So many different paths one life can take,

All based on decisions that we make.

Not proud of many I took in turn,

Still wondering if the lessons I did learn.

I live for more this foolish greed,

All born from a petty selfish need.

How quickly now the clock runs down,

I welcome it tired of playing the clown.

She will never be happy I know that now,

Not as long as I’m around.

I know no other way in the trenches to long,

I’ve bled I’ve cried I’ve sung this song.

Never defeat not even tactical withdrawal,

I’ll run I’ll walk and even crawl.

Hasten the end cold breath at my neck,

For in this whole wide world I was merely a speck…

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Haven't played with it


1MMD2014 [323 of 365] I shall not refrain

…it’s for this I did train!

So apart from the Department of Economic Development meeting debacle, Parliamentary circus exhibition and the curt (rather short-sighted) response from the Mayor’s office, the day turned out relatively well.

Great chat with Regan over coffee. As I am always able to call a spade a spade in his presence.

The Giver (yes, the movie); sure it’s basically Equilibrium, The Hunger Games and Divergent, but what is with this recurring theme. The One (oh yes, I forgot ,The Matrix too) challenging and overthrowing the Status Quo.

Is it a smart decision though?

Aren’t we better off with no war and all those other negative effects caused by emotions?


Isn’t The World safer when humans can be controlled, herded even?


With no losers, who needs winners, right?

My answer, and I guess I’ve always known it, although I was loathe to come to this conclusion:

I do not do what I want, I do what I must.

See, Their job is to make it very near to impossible for me to achieve the goals I have set out to accomplish, but then again:

The Wind does not ask where it may blow.


The Sun is indiscriminate towards who it shines upon.

Victory. Success. Achievement.  To overcome is in my Nature and I shall no longer deny my Nature…

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All hail


Why the BIG fuss over Big Data?

Firstly, some of you may be wondering what Big Data is exactly so let’s clear that up first. A 0.31 second search on Google and we get the following definition:

“Extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions.”

So if we had to use Social Media as an example; it would be a breakdown similar to this:

In 1 minute, across the globe; 50 000 tweets were sent, 500 000 Facebook page Likes occurred, 25 000 images were uploaded to Pinterest, 800 000 Selfies were taken on Instagram and 200 000 hours of footage went up on YouTube.

Yes, I made those numbers up, but the reality may be even more shocking!

I attended the 1st ever Mammoth BI (Business Intelligence), Big Data focused conference at the CTICC on Monday and since I had acquired 2 tickets, I asked Saschin from the #LeagueOfDo to accompany me. We arrived a little early, but already the lobby was filled with a wide variety of industry-specific individuals. A stunning array of Partners/Stakeholders like Naz from the Cape IT Initiative and Lianne from Silicon Cape.

After coffees, muffins, photo ops and brief chats, we were asked to head towards the auditorium as the event was about to begin.

A few moments after we were seated, a Mammoth (looked like a giant elephant to me though) walked in and made its way to the main stage. After which we had an introductory video played and a very energetic Master (Mistress) of Ceremonies welcoming everyone in the room. We were immediately launched into a series of talks by industry professionals, who dealt with all the parts that made up Big Data.

Some of the graphs were quite complicated and I won’t get into that right now. However, after all the information I’ve gleaned and from my own research into the subject, I can tell you one thing for sure:

Big Data; a term that has been thrown around these past 3 or 4 years, has existed before and means big business for companies the world over.

Especially in the digital age we find ourselves in, where mobile connectivity has become such an integral part of our daily lives. Yes, we’re talking big money, but also big change. The applications for healthcare alone opens up an almost endless vista of opportunities, not to mention the potential for numerous jobs to be created.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit can also take advantage of Big Data and it will be exciting to see what manifests in the next few years or months even. Isn’t it time you started making Big Data work for you, to complement what ever BIG plans you have for the future?

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