1MMD2014 [242 of 365] It was never really about me

…rather what must be!

With the never ending pressure, I shouldn’t be surprised that they don’t believe in me.

I mean, it’s completely insane to think that this would work right? The people, current circumstances, family issues, the very odds are certainly not in my favour.

What does that leave me with I ask. What measure of satisfaction will I derive from its success?

It is of little consequence; for the fuse has been lit and the clock is already running down…

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You have to go


1MMD2014 [241 of 365] We shall endure and never relent

…till all of Life’s Energy is spent!

We risk our lives we bear their scorn,
It does not matter for this must be born.

Opportunities pass as roads not taken,
We are lead astray and often mistaken.

Will they do what we ask of them,
These burdened self-serving children of men.

Castles are built on rivers of blood,
We shed our own it’s in the mud.

Too soon to die too early to leave,
Always an ace we hide up our sleeve.

Some bridges burnt await to be rebuilt,
We patch it together like a well worn quilt.

Will they thank us for what we left behind,
Possibly not in this lifetime put out of mind.

Grateful to MJ Li for having me on his show,
Soon to be released for more to know.

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Focus on



1MMD2014 [240 of 365] With this particular tide of fate

…for the near future I can hardly wait!

Connection issues intended to impede my progress,
But the Skype call transpired well with all due process.

Social Media management is the key to success,
The power to change The World I must confess.

We can no longer wait for them to reply,
Turn it up some more should it be our wish to fly.

Boxes acquired and goods put in,
We’re just about ready to begin moving.

Comic publishing introductions with much to gain,
To get the sound recording is all in a name.

Inspiration strikes when we least expect it,
We have to work hard to be detected.

There’s now a LoveTheDoers Channel http://youtu.be/9ZZ-N9TaIe0 on the air,
Apologies for the quality I must declare.

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1MMD2014 [239 of 365] My Dream taught me to be free

…my Dream hasn’t given up on me!

Yeah you heard me #ComicsInSA will become a reality,
Where we highlight morality and the ignorance of humanity.

The elements and transport of the public won’t halt our spread,
It has been made we shall lay in this bed.

Many hopes and fears live hear,
Still we shift to a higher gear.

Of course they expect us to fail and be ground into dust,
Despite all that onward we must.

We shall rage we shall roar we shall howl at the moon,
It is not our minds that bend it’s the spoon.

For a Doer is one who knows no defeat,
It is our drink it is our meat!

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1MMD2014 [238 of 365] This is how we succeed

…by merely following the process to proceed!

Got caught in an unexpected downpour that soaked me to the bone.

This wasn’t some time during the day, but immediately after I only got approximately 4 hours of sleep and getting out into The World. Got a call from Sasch-kun to say that the trains might be delayed, but arrived in Town; wet, but relatively early and without incident.

Headed on to Wesgro and fortunately Judith with Carmen in tow, was able to see me. We concluded that they could not assist me with the purpose the meeting was intended for, but we were able to agree on so much more. I shall not divulge any details over here. Not yet anyway. Suffice to say; that it was unexpectedly fantastical!

I left and just in time too; as I ran into Faghmieda! Haha, was so happy to see her and she in turn; that we must have looked like idiots as she hugged me broken! We had a bit of a chat and she is such a Kindly Soul! I look forward to make her life at least a little better and am certain she’ll Love the #LoveTheDoers #Exponference as it’s for her too!

So Nicole-chan & I braved the rainstorm with a tiny little umbrella, getting hopelessly lost!

We found the lively Leandre at Hashtag Radio and made it in time for the interview with 4 minutes to spare!

Did the interview, that was split into 3 sections and Anthea even made us coffee! Chris was ill, so Nicole did both photos and some video (to be released soon). Leandre is definitely in with #LoveTheDoers as this was the main topic, as well as the #Exponference happening on, Tuesday 14 October 2014 from 10h00 to 14h00. Yeah, it’s around the corner and I said that on live (internet) radio!

Met with Sasch-kun, discussed strategy, Nicole-chan and I had drinks & chips (fries) at Mcdonald’s and headed back. Coming up with some great ideas on the train ride back. Such an exciting time…

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A dream is not


1MMD2014 [237 of 365] With the backing of two

…I can make do!

I would Love to tell you about the day I’ve had, but then I won’t have the space, time or inclination to tell you what just transpired.

Yesterday; Regan, Brandel and I decided that we would go out and do coffee. As I would like to pitch #LoveTheDoers and the #Exponference to them. Turns out it didn’t go as planned. Yes we had coffee, Brandel brought all the way from Italy; delicious, just we never got past my driveway.

So, with Vivaldi starting us off, we proceeded to talk. And talk and talk and talk. Mere words forming strategies, pictures, landscapes, worlds…

There is something not quite right with this world and instead of (just) talking, we 3 have decided to do. They left not a few minutes ago; during which time, amazing things have been happening:

This energy has been created between us that has generated a momentum that will alter History.

These are not words to be taken lightly and what ever future generations may read them; will not find them lacking in truth. Nay; it may even border on prophecy, for I was there when it began, I saw it being born and nothing in this world or countless others, has the will or power to stop it. This is where we draw the line…

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People say


1MMD2014 [236 of 365] Miles to go before we sleep

…much to do lest we weep!

This day did start and my alarm didn’t wake me,
Trouble getting up this day and lately.

There was an event I wished to attend,
But priorities what they are I shall not defend.

Gave me time to complete the #LoveTheDoers #Exponference proposal,
A few sent already awaiting replies and 1 refusal.

2 engagements were had that will decide the future of youth,
The future for them looks less bleak to tell you the truth.

Second radio interview today was confirmed,
Awaiting 2 TV appearances to be earned.

2 calls 2 industries of great interest to me,
Comics and games both top priority.

Got off a call a few minutes ago,
With Sonja a great harvest after much to sow.

Interesting the individuals I encounter each passing day,
Impossible now merely a suggestion in every way…

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Work hard